The Art of Manliness

design art concepts, The Directed Art Modern and Hyatt Regency Miami


Art Exhibit

“The Art of Manliness”

A Collaboration Merging Authentic Hospitality, Art & Design.

design art concepts and The Directed Art Modern

are pleased to announce the

opening of “The Art of Manliness” a group exhibition of painting, fabric art, New

Media, Mixed Media, Installation and sculpture by 14 International Artists on view

at The Hyatt Regency, 400 SE 2nd

Ave, Miami, Florida from February 17 – 20th, 2017.

Joining d | a | c and The D.A.M is The Man Guide

a publication for: “Real men,real advice. A magazine for the man who wants the most in life” adding to the

unique quality of “The Art of Manliness” an art exhibition and event presenting

experiences new to Miami. “The Art of Manliness”

has been created and custom

designed for the savvy global traveler. An example of our commitment is providing

unexpected and unique experiences to guests that will remain with them long after their stay.

“The Art of Manliness”

will feature artworks from: Miami artist/ actor Khotan

Fernandez, Miami Artist Aurora Molina, Miami Artist Carlos Cesar Alves, Miami

Artists Carlos Rancano and Hermes Berrio. Brazilian artist Wilson Pinto will also

show one of his dreamy works in the lobby. Included in the artwork on display is

artwork from Greek Artists: Vangelis Vangelatos, Sculptor Spiros Countoulis,

Kornelios Grammenos, and Vasilis Kavourides, as well as Akis Oulkeroglou. The

exhibition also includes works from the International design company Studio Lav.

The exhibition will also include vintage Vogue

covers from the famous photographer Leo Carbajal. Heralding from NYC, Franck de las Mercedes and Rob

Anderson will be showing the works, as well as Saatchi’s one to watch artist –

Taylor White. Lastly on display will be a New Media installation by the re-known

artist Pia Myvrold currently exhibiting at The Opera Gallery NYC and at Lelia Murdoch Gallery in Wynwood.

Exhibition highlights include;

Art of Manliness: The Manly Pursuits for Beauty

celebrates The Hyatt Regency’s 2017 Art in Public Places project in collaboration

with the Directed Art Modern and design art concepts artists’ works of great

resoluteness. The exhibition will examine Manly Pursuits in a broad thematic

context, providing a rare opportunity to consider the definition of a being a Man. A

man’s man is a man noted or admired for traditionally

masculine interests and activities. While it’s definitely more than just monster trucks, grilling and six-pack abs, true

manliness is hard to define. The words macho and manly,for example, are not synonymous. Take machismo,

in the wider culture, it’s often the negative aspects of machismo that are emphasized (physical and domestic violence) but

there’s another concept in Latino culture —caballerismo—that has as itsunderlying values respect and responsibility to


International artist interpret their take on manliness in the oeuvre of the ever

evolving and redefining gender, and what this might look like in the future century

of art. Featured Artist Aurora Molina explores caballerismo through a family lens in

a fabric wall installation commencing from man’s inception and the chromosomes

that comprise a man to the journey man take in life while artist Rob Anderson

explores the heart of man that began to beat even before history was recorded, with

an interpretive mixed media installation recreating the caves at: Lascaux, Altamira,

Buxo, and Tito Bustillo through primitive iconography painted on cardboard boxes

focused on man’s primal need for shelter. Khotan Fernandez’s imposing, welded-

steel cages filled with plastic pink flamingos from the artists’ series of American Lawn

explores both the burden and splendor of suburban life; Kornelios

Grammenos an international artist heralding from Greece will exhibit his series of cardboard Aliens installation

completing his second installation in Miami. Taylor

White, from The United States, will present the viewer with his large- scale mixed

media paintings where he playfully addresses social issues. On the other end of the

spectrum Artist Pia Myvrold explores the evolution manly pursuits though the lens

of New Media championing modern man’s mass communication technological

advances using digital technologies and deconstructing the content through

projected digital piece. As artists Franck de la Mercedes and Carlos Rancero take

on the theme through figurative works echoing swimming images of the human emotion and physical desires.

The Art of Manliness is devoted to the varied array of artist personal take of manly pursuits.

The people behind “The Art of Manliness” include primarily Maria Apostolidis,

Valeray Francisco and Melanie Prapopoulos – each with several years in the

business of art ranging from development and promotion to exhibition and

curation. Each also firmly believes in the value of art and its place in public spaces

and that art should be easily accessible by all. Reinforcing this, when speaking

about the curation, Fransisco says: “The exhibition strives for the ideal balance

between preservation of the object and its effective presentation; to do this we

designed installations throughout the expansive space for creating optimal environments that enable the viewer to receive

the artwork”

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This exhibition has been organized by the Directed Art Modern and design art

concepts and made possible through generous gifts from:, Hyatt Regency Miami,

James L. Knight Center for the Performance Arts, and the generous support by The Man Guide.