Irene Pouiassi

Amalgamated Structures
30x30x20 cm
Amalgamated Structures _40x30
40x30 cm
Amalgamated Structures _40x35
40x35 cm
Ashen Fleece_Installation
300x100 cm
Cutanean cloth
200x100x100 cm
Ashen Fleece
150x100 cm

Born and raised in Greece. Based and working in London, UK.

Having an interdisciplinary approach Irene Pouliassi’s artworks are focused on a personal exploration of death, as the pivotal point of a self-awareness process. Whilst exploring further the aspects of an experimental contemporary artistic discourse by exhibiting decency and morality , her installations deriving from the principles of painting as well as sculpture.

Having a Bachelor in fine arts (honors) from the University of Western Macedonia, Greece she is currently a MA Student in Chelsea College of Arts, London. She has participated in a numerous and International exhibitions and she has selected to represent her country in Art fairs and Biennales.

She is a member of the International association of arts as well as a member of the chamber of fine arts, Greece

My artwork takes a critical view to the philosophical discourse of abjection. I portray human flesh and bones as a potent symbol of the existential vulnerability of being and exhibit the process of the aesthetic evolution of the human form. As my objective is to expose the viewer to the ‘massive and sudden emergence of uncanniness’ found in ‘Powers of horror’, expressed by Julia Kristeva my work proposes that human existence is a vessel one incidentally fell upon, and thus has no conscious awareness of his minuscule position in the vastness of the infinite. This concept stemmed from my personal experiences and pursues my artistic creations and it is used not only as a tool for self-development and a personal satisfaction but also as a commentary on contemporary society’s behavioral patterns.

While I use a variety of mediums in each project the methodology is the same:


My interdisciplinary techniques rely on revealing self-abnegation of religious nature in contemporary society enhancing the grisly reality of lying bodies, a grim manifestation of the semblance between nature and human nature’s design. My art practice involves molds and imprints of human and animal teeth and bones and I move from black and white to desaturated hues. Abstract pieces evolved into assemblages of organic forms that concluded to the creation of my installations.